Private Watermark

Do you want your letterhead to make a real statement? Let us show you the benefits of a private watermark sheet.

What is a private watermark?

A private watermark is a personalized image or mark in a sheet of paper, made during the paper-making process, that is visible when the finished paper is held to the light or placed on a flat surface.

What can a private watermark do for you?

• A private watermark provides both protection and prestige.

• It cannot be removed, altered, or duplicated.

• It is a permanent part of the paper.

• It is an extension of your corporate image.

• It conveys confidence.

How many sheets do I need to order to obtain a private watermark?

Only a few years back, private watermarked sheets required a minimum order of 100,000 sheets.
We can now get your company into a prestigious watermarked sheet for only two cartons of paper (10,000 sheets).

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